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Our Story

About The Founder:

Seventeenth Watches was founded in 2015 by Chris Johnson, a seven-year veteran of the United States Army. During Chris' first years in the Army, he was stationed in Europe, and it was in a small town in Germany that he first discovered his love for quality timepieces.

After lustfully acquiring his first watch, Chris continued his European tour with a new passion: horology. Chris developed a respect for the craftsmanship that goes behind timekeeping.

As a courier for the Army, Chris frequently traveled to different countries, even switching continents. 

As Chris's job duties took him to Africa, he came to the realization that watches are far more than an elegant way of keeping time. Watches are statements that require no words; watches are a universal language.

In a morning flight back to the Germany, Chris's mind wandered as he mentally prepared for his life after the military. When he no longer donned the American flag on his shoulders, how would he support his family?

As he raised the question in his head, his pen connected with the napkin beneath his drink. He began to draw. Sharp lines, strong blues, and countless dials later, Chris slumped back into his seat in amazement. He did it; he manifested his Muse.

He had drawn his perfect watch, and nothing would stop him from bringing it to the world. This is it, he thought. This is how Chris was going to simultaneously satiate his love for beautiful timepieces while also supporting his Gold Star family.


Only one question remained: What to name the brand? As he always had when faced with difficult questions, Chris relied on his core values: family, freedom, and true self-expression; the very values Chris was fighting overseas to protect.

He needed a brand that would proudly represent these core beliefs, not only today but infinitely into the future. Chris thought of his six siblings, his mentor, and the feeling of playing high school football alongside his lifelong friends.

Finally, he looked down at his napkin, and a smile spread across his face. Seventeenth Watches had officially been born.

Time is the Only Luxury

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple here at Seventeenth: to create quality minimalist timepieces. At the same time, we want our watches to be accessible. That’s why we employ a direct-to-consumer strategy - to cut out the middle man, and put a Seventeenth Watch on your wrist. We eliminate the traditional retail markup that you are so incredibly tired of seeing in the watch market today.


We want the whole world wearing Seventeenth Watches. Every hard working man and woman deserves a watch that elevates their personal style and arms them with confidence in every situation. We firmly believe that our watches are a symbol for freedom. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom to live your way.


We work hard to create watches that can be enjoyed by anyone and appreciated by everyone. Wherever life takes you, Seventeenth is along for the ride.

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