About The Founder:

Our founder, Chris Johnson, spent seven years serving in the United States Army. During his two year stint in Germany, Chris found his first love: timepieces. The variance in design, branding, style, and craft. There is no one-size-fits-all in the world of fine watches. During Chris’ travels, from Europe to Africa, he discovered that watches were more than just an elegant method for telling time. Watches are symbols of something deeper. Statements that require no words. A universal language.

Collecting watches quickly became his passion while in the military. However, it wasn’t until the flight home from Africa that Chris’ true calling came forth. It was there, in the dull light of an airplane cabin, that his first creation, “The Muse”, was born on the pages of his sketchbook. From that moment forward, Chris transformed from a collecting watches, to creating them. Seventeeth Watches was born.


The name “Seventeenth” is rooted in meaning. Chris is one of seven children, and wanted to reflect his upbringing and values with the name. Above all, Seventeenth Watches values family, time, freedom, and the ability to express oneself - values that Chris himself fought to uphold during his time in the military.

When you look at your Seventeenth Watch, you are reminded of these values that our Chris built this company on. Remember always that

Time is the Only Luxury

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple here at Seventeenth: to create quality minimalist timepieces. At the same time, we want our watches to be accessible. That’s why we employ a direct-to-consumer strategy - to cut out the middle man, and put a Seventeenth Watch on your wrist. We eliminate the traditional retail markup that you are so incredibly tired of seeing in the watch market today.


We want the whole world wearing Seventeenth Watches. Every hard working man and woman deserves a watch that elevates their personal style and arms them with confidence in every situation. We firmly believe that our watches are a symbol for freedom. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom to live your way.


We work hard to create watches that can be enjoyed by anyone and appreciated by everyone. Wherever life takes you, Seventeenth is along for the ride.