Our founder, Chris Johnson, developed his taste for timepieces when he was stationed overseas in Germany from 2014 to 2016, which was apart of his overall stint of his 7 year stint in the US Army. During that time, his job allowed for him to travel around Europe & Africa; that's when his love for collecting watches began.

As Chris explored different countries and cultures he noticed how their watches served as symbolism, representing the stories beind the unique values of each culture.

Chris then realized why just collect watches, when he can create his own to truly express himself through design, branding and style. It was on a long plane flight back from Africa where Seventeenth's first watch "The Muse" was crafted in Chris' sketchbook, and thus where the birth of Seventeenth Watches began to take place. 

Our founder is one out of seven children. Thus, the name "Seventeenth" is a play on words that represents this. Seventeenth values family, time, freedoom and expression.

Well, that's enough for us. We hope you join us on our journey and don't forget:

Time Is the Only Luxury