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A watch is a timeless and elegant accessory that makes an excellent addition to your wardrobe. It can complete an outfit and express your personality. How do you actually match a watch with your outfit? Here are some of our tips to help you pick the best watch for you:

Match your watch to the formality of the event

Watches for lifetime- There are many kinds of watches available here at Seventeenth, all suited to different occasions; The White Walker, The Nebula, The Titan, AllureWomen’s Nebula etc. For formal events, less is more. Go for a simple dress watch with a classic style. Metal bands are considered less formal, so wear these for casual events.

Match your watch's leather strap with other leather pieces

For the love of watches- A leather watch strap should correspond with any other leather accessories you are wearing, like shoes, belts, or handbags. Wear the same color (brown with brown, blue with blue, etc.) and make sure they're at least a comparable shade (dark, medium, or light).

Match metal with metal

To keep you classy- Your watch's metal case should complement any other metal accents in your outfit. Most metal watches feature metal in their straps or dials in the shades of gold, silver, rose gold, or titanium. These should be color and tones as your other metal accessories, for example, cufflinks, jewelry, belt buckles, or buttons.

Match your watch with your shoes

Fashion that ticks- If you're short on time, look for a watch that matches your shoes. Black is the most common choice for formal wear, but if your shoes are brown, a brown strap might be a better choice. Likewise, if you're wearing tennis shoes, go for a sports watch.

“A watch is a fashion statement and it says something about a person wearing it”


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